Best WhatsApp Apps for Shopify

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Best whatsapp for shopify

Consistent customer engagement is crucial for the success of your Shopify store. What your store needs here is the best Shopify WhatsApp app to interact with the customers.

Shopify WhatsApp chat apps let you add a WhatsApp chat button in your storefront for customer support and other marketing campaigns.

Using this Shopify WhatsApp chat button you can effortlessly communicate with your customers and send cart recovery, post-purchase, special offer messages to increase your Shopify store conversions rates.

But considering the competition, we know that searching for a free WhatsApp app can be tough. That’s why we did the work for you and have compiled the best Shopify WhatsApp apps that can boost your engagement and sales in your eCommerce store.

Superlemon – WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart

Superlemon Shopify app is an all-in-one WhatsApp app for your online store. You can easily add a WhatsApp chat button and provide the best customer service to your customer. Also, Superlemon has a WhatsApp share button that can boost your referrals.


With Superlemon, you can do much more than just interact with your customers. This free WhatsApp app allows you to send cart recovery messages to your customers until they return to your store and recover their carts.

Abandoned carts have been impacting Shopify store sales for quite long and now with Shopify WhatsApp chat apps you can easily recover your lost carts and convert them into sales.

Post-purchase confirmation & transactional messages along with tracking URL, COD messages can all be sent easily using Superlemon Shopify WhatsApp chat app.


  • Automated & Manual WhatsApp messages
  • Customizable WhatsApp chat button
  • Unlimited WhatsApp messages
  • Insightful Analytics
  • 50+ CTA button designs
  • No coding experience required
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Add discounts in messages
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Pre-built message templates


  • Free version available
  • Ultimate – $9.99/month

WhatsApp chat + Abandoned cart

If you are looking for the best Shopify WhatsApp chat apps to interact with your customers instantly then WhatsApp chat + Abandoned cart is the one you need. It lets you interact with your customer easily and helps you recover your abandoned carts by sending a series of cart recovery messages.

WhatsApp chat + Abandoned cart

Sometimes a customer will need more than one message to make them recover their carts. But with this
Shopify cart recovery app, you can send a series of cart recovery messages as a drip campaign to persuade your customers to return to your store.

Also, there is nothing that encourages an eCommerce customer like a coupon. So, dynamically add coupon codes to your messages and boost your conversions using this Shopify WhatsApp chat app.

Save your time by using pre-built message templates of this Shopify WhatsApp app. Target your customers better by tracking abandoned carts with phone numbers and manually send cart recovery messages to improve your Shopify store conversions.

This abandoned cart recovery Shopify app is not restricted to cart recovery messages alone, you can send order confirmation, shipment and other marketing messages instantly.


  • Enticing WhatsApp chat button
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Orders CRM
  • Pre-built message templates
  • Cart recovery message sequence
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Customizable chat button
  • Real-time abandoned cart tracking
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Live chat support


  • Free version available
  • Starter – $9/month

HelpNinja – WhatsApp chat + Abandoned cart

Enable WhatsApp chat and share buttons in your Shopify store in a single click using this Shopify WhatsApp chat app HelpNinja. Your days of waiting are over, start talking to your customers with a single click on the chat button


Successful cart recovery depends on how quickly you get to know about cart abandonment. This free WhatsApp app comes with real-time email alerts, you will be notified instantly via email when cart abandonment occurs so that you can quickly recover abandoned carts.

Sending cart recovery messages quickly increases your chances of conversions. HelpNinja lets you send cart recovery messages within 15 minutes of cart abandonment so that you can recover abandoned carts and convert them into sales in your Shopify store.

Why invest a lot in customer acquisition when your existing customers can do their job for you. Add a share button in your storefront to let your customers share your website with their friends. This best Shopify WhatsApp app lets you acquire new customers for your Shopify store cost-effectively using Referrals.


  • Single click chat and sharing
  • Fallback SMS
  • Unlimited WhatsApp messages
  • Single click recovery messages
  • Email alerts for abandoned carts
  • WhatsApp CRM
  • Order confirmation & shipping messages
  • Real-time reports
  • No branding
  • Priority support


  • Free Forever
  • Automated – $9.99/month

Softpulse infotech – WhatsApp Chat + Cart Recovery

Next in our best WhatsApp chat apps comes Softpulse infotech’s WhatsApp chat & cart recovery app. With this Shopify WhatsApp app, you can instantly provide customer support using WhatsApp chat and turn your customer into a brand ambassador for your Shopify store.

Softpulse infotech

Trusted by more than 8000 active users, this free WhatsApp chat Shopify app is one of the few apps that lets you add both WhatsApp chat and share buttons in your Shopify.

Your customers can use this share button to share your website and other resources with their friends. This will help you acquire new customers easily. Also, you can send both manual & automated cart recovery messages along with discounts to actively recover your lost carts.

This WhatsApp cart recovery app lets you customize multiple aspects of your live chat button from its appearance to page visibility and time availability. This is something that many other Shopify apps in this list lack.

This is one of the best WhatsApp apps that charges you only for successful messages and not for failed or non-delivered messages.


  • Order Confirmation & Fulfilment notifications
  • Attractive WhatsApp chat widgets
  • Control WhatsApp chat button display time
  • Control chat button visibility
  • Real time analytics
  • Pre-built message templates
  • Support multiple languages
  • Easy to install and use
  • Callout cart and notification sound
  • Customizable display options
  • Mobile App(Android & IOS)
  • Chat & Email Support


  • Free version available
  • Advanced – $5.99/month
  • Premium – $9.99/month

Sherpas Design – WhatShare

Unlike the Shopify WhatsApp chat apps we have seen previously, this Shopify app WhatShare is completely dedicated to sharing. Your customers can share your website or products via the WhatsApp share button and boost your Shopify store visibility.

Sherpas Design

WhatShare can turn your existing customers into brand advocates and help you boost your brand visibility through which you can acquire new customers for your Shopify store without spending much.

This free WhatsApp app for Shopify comes with a customizable editor and it allows you to track customer performance in real time using premium reports add on.

WhatShare reports help you track and keep an eye on what your customers share and give you a detailed report on an insightful dashboard so you can easily analyze the performance using this Shopify WhatsApp app.


  • WhatShare bar & Blog sharing add ons
  • Customizable theme editor
  • Real time tracking and reports
  • Insightful dashboard
  • No coding skills required


  • Free version available
  • Reports – $3.99
  • Share bar – $3.99
  • Blog Share – $1.99

Sendmation – Abandoned Cart + WhatsApp chat

Next in our WhatsApp cart recovery app list is Sendmation, which is an omnichannel marketing platform that can be suitable for your Shopify store needs. Effortlessly target the right message to the right customer using Sendmation.


One thing that this free WhatsApp app does better than others is its ability to Retarget customers. Yes, you can easily reach out to customers who have previously engaged with your Shopify store and persuade them to return to your store again by using Retargeting messages.

This is one of the best WhatsApp apps where you can easily win back your customers and boost their average lifetime values and conversions. It also has a WhatsApp share button to facilitate referrals.


  • Built-in analytics
  • Multi channel automations
  • 24/7 support
  • Subscriber migration
  • Low cost
  • Retargeting


  • Free 

Inovapps – WhatsApp Live Chat + WhatSocial

Interact with your customers effortlessly and provide the best customer support through this Shopify WhatsApp chat app. Increase your conversions by customizing your CTA and make it look persuasive to get the attention of your customers.


What’s special about WhatSocial is that it gives various options to the user to choose the placement of the CTA. You can align the CTA either vertically or horizontally to boost your conversions.

This free WhatsApp app lets you communicate with your customers even after they have left your store without purchasing. It can help you convert lost checkout into sales of your Shopify store.

Also, you can upsell products and send coupons through WhatsApp to encourage your customers to come back to your store and boost your sales.


  • CTA customization
  • Mobile/PC display options
  • CTA color customization
  • WhatsApp sharing
  • Priority support
  • Built-in analytics
  • CTA hide options
  • Multiple WhatsApp agents
  • Unlimited WhatsApp chats


  • Free version available
  • Plus Plan – $1.99/month

Maxwell – WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing

Chat with your customers easily using our built-in templates and boost your customer engagement with our Shopify WhatsApp chat app. Get started within minutes and without any coding knowledge.


It is one of the fewest Shopify apps that offers chat apps, popups, checkboxes & automated campaigns all under one roof. It helps you to boost your sales as WhatsApp chats possess 4 times higher open rates than email. Maxwell has a guest mode where customers can chat with you anonymously and you can offer support through chats. This best Shopify app is suitable for Shopify stores that use apps for drop shipping, referral program, loyalty program and social media.

You can also use the popup feature to display coupons and increase the sales of your Shopify store. You can show an Add to cart checkbox on your product page and collect customer’s details easily.


  • Pre-designed chat apps
  • Popups and checkbox
  • Automated social media campaigns
  • Guest mode
  • Live chat
  • Popup coupons
  • Abandoned cart campaigns
  • VIP Support
  • Shipping notifications
  • Edit templates
  • Built-in analytics


  • Forever Free
  • Premium – $4.99/month

Roartheme – WhatsApp Chat and Share

Roartheme’s WhatsApp chat and share is a free WhatsApp chat app that allows you add a messenger in your Shopify store and interact with your customers anytime and anywhere without spending much effort.


Using Roartheme, you can involve more customers to chat with you and convince them to make a purchase and increase your sales. You can easily help your customers in order placing, booking and technical support through live chat.

You can always stay in touch with your customers using the notifications, it will let you know when the customer messages you so that you can have uninterrupted interaction with your customers anytime in your Shopify store.


  • Supports multiple channel
  • Works with various themes
  • Live support
  • Chat window customization
  • Notifications


  •  Free

PushDaddy – WhatsApp chat + Abandoned cart

Solve your customer queries within seconds and boost your sales by adding a WhatsApp chat button in your Shopify store. Connect with your customers easily from your store and offer them support to increase your revenue.


Pushdaddy is one the best WhatsApp apps that doesn’t cost you a dime if you want to manually send cart recovery messages to customers. But if you want the cart recovery campaign to be automated, you need to top up every month as per your Shopify store requirements.


  • WhatsApp Chat and share button
  • Customizable CTA button
  • Multiple customization options
  • Unlimited WhatsApp messages
  • 24/7 customer support
  • In-built analytics


  •  Free

Wrapping Up

The eCommerce world is moving faster, if you want to keep up with it, you need the best Shopify WhatsApp chat app for your Shopify store to interact with your customers easily. You can chat with your customers and provide the best support and boost customer engagement.

With the average cart abandonment rate nearing 70%, you need an abandoned cart recovery Shopify app like the ones listed in this article to easily recover your lost carts and convert them into sales. Hope this article helps you to choose the right Shopify app and boost your conversions.

A better customer support experience with WhatsApp Live Chat Button! Send automated and manual abandoned cart recovery messages, order delivery notifications, dynamic coupon codes, order CRM, and more.