10 Best Referral Marketing apps to Grow Your E-Commerce Sales

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Effective marketing is crucial for e-commerce success, and referral marketing apps are vital in this strategy. Within this dynamic environment, these tools have emerged as indispensable allies. Understanding these tools can be a game-changer for businesses aiming to increase sales and build trust.  

By understanding and implementing the right referral marketing tools, brands can tap into a network of loyal customers and foster organic growth. As we navigate through this topic, you’ll gain insights into how judicious use of referral marketing can be the catalyst for your store’s sustained success. Dive in, and let’s explore how to elevate your business with the best in referral marketing.

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What is Referral Marketing?

Referral marketing is a strategy where businesses encourage existing customers to promote their products or services to new people, often through word-of-mouth recommendations.

This strategy is rooted in a simple idea: people trust recommendations from those they know. Thus, when a friend or family member suggests a product or service, individuals are more likely to consider and purchase it. 

What are Referral Marketing apps?

Referral marketing apps help businesses reward their customers for bringing in friends or family as new customers. They automate tracking word-of-mouth recommendations, allowing companies to reward customers who successfully refer new referrals.

Referral Marketing apps come with features like generating unique referral links, automating reward distributions, and providing detailed analytics on referral performance; these apps simplify and enhance the process of leveraging referrals for business growth. 

Why is Referral Marketing important for your shopify store?

Every Shopify store owner wants more sales and loyal customers. One of the best ways to achieve this is through referral marketing. Let’s explore why it’s so important for your store. 

Trust: People often trust their friends and family more than ads. If someone they know recommends your store, they’re more likely to buy from you.

More Sales: Happy customers will tell others about your products. This means more people might visit your store and make purchases.

Save Money: Instead of spending lots on advertising, you can give rewards to customers who bring in new buyers. Often, this costs less than regular ads.

Loyal Customers: When customers refer their friends, they feel connected to your store. This means they might come back and buy more.

Better Reviews: Referred customers often leave positive feedback because they already heard good things from their friends. This can make your store look even better.

Best Referral Marketing apps for your Shopify Store


Afflr is an effortless solution to manage your Shopify Affiliate Marketing in one place. You can create and manage affiliate programs with ease. They offer provisions to customize commissions and discounts and also provide provisions to track the affiliate marketing program performance.

 Afflr - affiliate marketing

Key Features:

Flexible Commission Rate: Afflr offers different commission structures to help design your affiliate program based on the business goal.

Affiliate Portal: Affiliates are given a dedicated portal where they can access their referral code and check performance metrics. Affiliates can also request payouts.

Multiple Payout Options: Afflr offers various modes of affiliate payout like cash, PayPal, coupons, gift cards, etc.

Tracking: You can easily track sales and commissions to analyze the data and make better business decisions.

Price: $9/m

Free Plan: Available

Free trial: Available


UpPromote is a free affiliate/ referral marketing app tailored specifically for Shopify merchants. It offers features enabling store owners to launch, manage, and scale their affiliate programs easily. Through UpPromote, businesses can recruit affiliates, track their performance, and reward them based on predefined commission structures.

Referral Marketing App UpPromote Affiliate & Referral

Key Features:

Affiliate Dashboard: Affiliates get access to a personalized dashboard to track their performance, access promotional materials, and view their earnings.

Flexible Commission: Store owners can set up varying commission rates, whether it’s based on fixed amounts, percentage rates, or product-specific commissions.

Automatic Payouts: Streamlines the payment process, ensuring that affiliates receive their commissions on time.

Detailed Reporting: Provides insights into affiliate sales, clicks, and overall program performance, aiding in data-driven decision-making.

Price: $29.99/m, $89.99/m, $199.99/m

Free Plan: Available

Free trial: Available

Referral candy

ReferralCandy stands out as the best referral tool designed for Shopify merchants. ReferralCandy empowers businesses to amplify their reach. With its intuitive interface and tailored features, store owners can seamlessly set up a program where both the referrer and the referee benefit.

Referral Marketing App Referral Candy & Affiliate

Key Features:

Customer Dashboard: This is where customers can see how many friends they’ve brought in and what rewards they’ve earned.

Reward Options: You can choose different ways to thank your customers, like giving discounts or cash.

Automatic Thank-Yous: The tool can automatically send rewards to customers when their friends buy something.

Emails Made Easy: ReferralCandy can help you send emails to your customers, telling them about the referral program.

Price: $59/m, $299/m (includes commission fee)

Free Plan: NA

Free Trial: Available

Shopjar: Referrals and Affiliates

Shopjar: Referrals and Affiliates stands out as one of the best Referral marketing apps to grow your eCommerce store, offering tools that can notably boost sales, enhance revenue, and expand your customer community. The app’s referral pop-up is a great touchpoint for acquainting customers with the referral initiative.

Tailored email templates, aligning with your brand’s aesthetic, are available for seamless communication. 

Referral Marketing App Referral & Affiliate- Shopjar

Key Features:

Pre-Built Referral Pop-Ups: Efficiently collect leads with ready-to-use pop-ups.
Enhance visibility and awareness of your referral program among site visitors.

User-Friendly Interface: Quick and hassle-free setup process.
No technical or coding skills are needed, making it accessible for store owners of all tech proficiencies.

OTP login: The guest user login feature ensures easy access to the referral portal, even for potential referrers who aren’t registered users.

Unlimited Rewards & Commissions: Freedom to offer as many rewards as you see fit, allowing for diverse incentive schemes.  

Price: $9/m

Free trial: Available

Free Plan: Available

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BLoop Referrals & Rewards is a specialized referral marketing tool to leverage refer-a-friend tactics to amplify referral sales and extend the overall value customers bring over time through attractive bonuses and incentives. 

While free, Bloop is packed with essential and sophisticated features, enabling users to set up a comprehensive referral program in just a few minutes.

Referral Marketing App- Bloop- Referral & Loyalty

Key Features: 

Referral Display Choices: Make referral pages or pop-ups that fit your style. Put them anywhere on your Shopify shop.

Smart Rewards: Set rewards (fixed or percentage) for referrals. Choose minimum spend and coupon expiry to boost sales.

Anti-Fraud Measures: BLoop stands out as the sole free referral tool equipped with a feature to verify the referrer’s email during checkout, adding an extra layer against potential fraudulent activities.

Enhanced Branding Capabilities: Modify the appearance of your referral initiative to seamlessly blend with your brand’s aesthetics and vibe.

Price: $20/ m

Free plan: Available

Free trial: Available

Invite Referrals

Invite Referrals is a referral marketing application designed to help online businesses harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing. By incentivizing existing customers to spread the word about a brand, product, or service, the app aims to increase brand reach, conversions, and loyalty.

Referral Marketing App InviteReferrals- Referral App

Key Features: 

Easy Integration: Simple setup process requires no technical expertise, making it user-friendly for businesses of all sizes.

Customizable Campaigns: Offers tools to design referral campaigns that align with a brand’s identity and objectives.

Real-time Tracking: Monitor the success of referral campaigns in real-time, tracking new leads, conversions, and the most influential referrers.

Reward System: Allows businesses to set up enticing rewards for both the referrer and the referee, enhancing participation.

Price: $99/m and $249/m

Free plan: Not Available

Free trial: Available

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

Smile: Rewards and Loyalty is a comprehensive Shopify referral marketing app. This translates to potential new sales and infuses customers with a sense of community and brand loyalty.  Smile encourages them to share their positive experiences with friends and family. 

Referral Marketing App Smile- Loyalty and Rewards

Key Features:

Streamlined Integration: With its user-centric design, Smile effortlessly integrates into online platforms, making its deployment hassle-free.

Dynamic Referral System: At its core, Smile’s referral feature allows satisfied customers to introduce the brand to friends and family, creating a chain of organic growth.

Customizable Referral Rewards: Businesses can tailor the incentives offered to both the referrer and the referee, ensuring the rewards resonate with their audience.

Loyalty Points Integration: Unique to Smile, the referral rewards can be integrated into the overall loyalty points system, ensuring a unified customer experience.

Price: $49/m, $199/m and $999/m

Free plan: Available

Free trial: Not available

SC Conjured Referrals

SC Conjured Referrals stands out as one of the best referral marketing tool tailored for Shopify, dedicated to simplifying the task of producing and overseeing referrals. This app comes loaded with a full suite of features, granting businesses the capability to effortlessly craft, oversee, and fine-tune their referral initiatives. 

Referral Marketing App SC Conjured Referrals

Key Features: 

Branding Flexibility: Customize campaigns in line with your brand aesthetics, free from any “powered by” labels.

Automatic Card Creation: Effortlessly generates both gift cards and discount cards.

Versatile Sharing Options: Distribute referral links through various channels including email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

Smart Referral Management: Features the capability to prevent referrals from reaching existing customers, ensuring genuine new leads.

Cost-Efficient: Operates without levying any commission or transaction fees.

Price: $29/m, $99/m, $299/m

Free plan: Available

Free trial: Available


Refersion is designed to simplify referral marketing in shopify. This Shopify Referral Marketing app seamlessly integrates with the store setup for Shopify store owners, allowing businesses to monitor sales and traffic generated by influencers and affiliates.

With its advanced automation capabilities tailored for merchants and affiliates, Refersion efficiently simplifies the workflow, enhancing the overall impact of referral marketing.

Referral Marketing App Refersion- Affiliate Marketing

Key Features:

Integration: Refersion is built to effortlessly sync with Shopify, making the setup process quick and smooth for merchants.

Detailed Tracking: Refersion monitors sales and their sources, enabling merchants to identify their most effective affiliates and influencers.

Automatic Commissions: When a sale is made through a referral link, this app automatically calculates and issues commissions, removing the manual work from the process.

Bulk Payments: Easily handle payouts with integrations for popular payment gateways, allowing bulk payments to affiliates.

Price: $99/m, $249/m

Free plan: Not Available

Free trial: Available


Yotpo, a leading e-commerce marketing platform, offers eCommerce stores the best referral tool. Specialized in enhancing brand trust and growth, its referral feature integrates seamlessly with Shopify, enabling merchants to effectively boost user engagement and elevate sales.

Referral Marketing App Yotpo- Loyalty and Rewards

Key Features:

Easy Integration: Seamless connection with Shopify, allowing for a hassle-free setup and user experience.

Tiered Rewards System: Provides the ability to set up varying rewards based on customers’ referral actions, incentivizing more shares.

Email Integration: Automated email triggers to remind customers to refer friends after a purchase or to notify them of their earned rewards.

Fraud Detection: Inbuilt capabilities to detect and prevent referral fraud, ensuring the integrity of the program.

Price: $199/m, request pricing

Free Plan: Available

Free trial:  Not Available

Referral Factory

Referral Factory is a free referral marketing tool empowering businesses to craft, launch, and manage custom referral campaigns. Its user-friendly interface and rich feature set aid companies in tapping into the immense potential of word-of-mouth marketing and increasing customer acquisition

Referral Marketing App Referral Factory

Key Features:

Templates: Ready-to-use designs for quick campaign setup.

Customizable Campaigns: Modify campaigns to mirror your brand’s identity.

Automated Rewards: Streamline the distribution of rewards to successful referrers, ensuring timely and accurate incentives.

Fraud Prevention: Safeguard the integrity of your referral campaigns with robust fraud detection mechanisms.

Price: $95/m, $200/m, $300/m, $1,400/m

Free plan: Not Available 

Free trial: Available

Looking to grow your e-commerce business? Explore the best referral marketing app to supercharge your growth


Referral marketing apps stands as a cornerstone in the e-commerce landscape, leveraging the trust and loyalty of existing customers to draw in new ones. It’s a testament to the old adage: Word of mouth remains one of the most potent forms of advertising.

As businesses strive to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded marketplace, a well-executed referral program can provide the competitive edge they seek. By focusing on genuine customer experiences and rewards that resonate, brands can enhance their customer base and deepen their relationship with them.  

Using referral marketing apps is not just a strategy; it’s an investment in organic growth and sustained brand loyalty. 

What are referral marketing apps?

Referral marketing apps are software tools that facilitate the creation and management of referral programs. These programs encourage existing customers to refer new customers, often offering incentives in return.

How do referral marketing apps work?

Referral marketing apps enable businesses to create referral campaigns, generate unique referral links, track referrals, and manage rewards or incentives for successful referrals. They automate much of the process, making it easier to implement and monitor.

Why should e-commerce stores use referral marketing apps?

By leveraging existing customers ‘ networks, referral marketing apps can significantly boost customer acquisition and sales. They tap into the power of word-of-mouth recommendations, which are often more trusted by potential customers.

What types of rewards can be offered through referral marketing apps?

Referral rewards vary and include discounts, cash rewards, gift cards, free products, or exclusive access. The choice depends on the business’s preferences and what resonates best with its target audience.

Are referral marketing apps easy to set up?

Yes, most referral marketing apps are designed to be user-friendly and offer easy setup processes. They often come with templates and guides to help businesses get started quickly.

What factors should businesses consider when choosing a referral marketing app?

Businesses should consider factors like ease of use, integration capabilities with their e-commerce platform, customization options, analytics features, and pricing when choosing a referral marketing app that aligns with their needs.

Are you looking to boost your sales and grow your customer base through referral and affiliate marketing?