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best abandoned cart recovery

Abandoned Carts! You’ve probably heard of the Shopify cart abandonment problem. Many of the eCommerce store owners have been facing this problem for a prolonged time.

You’re well aware that four out of every five customers may abandon their shopping cart before completing their transaction.

Yes, it’s aggravating. But don’t get frustrated soon. Here comes a boom to you!

Thanks to the abandoned cart recovery plugins that make your cart recovery process easier than ever.

In this article, let us be picky and discuss the 6 best Abandoned Cart Recovery apps for your Shopify Store.

Why Your Shopify Store Bads Needs A Cart Recovery App?

Nothing but for the conversion!According to the shopping cart abandonment stats for 2021, every year roughly around 70 percent of the shopping carts have been abandoned by online customers globally.

Yes, more than half of customers don’t actually make it, and that’s is why every eCommerce and Shopify store owner relies on the Abandoned Cart Recovery Apps.

So, what does your Abandoned Cart Recovery App do exactly for your store?

Let us flash a light upon 3 main areas that tremendously improve your business.

Customer Satisfaction (Absolutely necessary for a successful Shopify store)

Customers definitely are interested in the products they are looking at, even though they didn’t buy them. Customers frequently abandon shopping carts because they become preoccupied. You may use recovery apps to deliver the products that your clients have always wanted.

Word-of-Mouth-Marketing ( A Smart arrow to pocket new customers)

Your product may be your most effective marketing weapon. If you sell something that your customers love, words will go around quickly. However, this only works if people buy the product. With a cart recovery app, you may attract more customers who are more inclined to become brand ambassadors.

6 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Apps for Shopify

WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart

WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart is the WhatsApp Live Chat supported app that helps in abandoned cart recovery for your Shopify store. With WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart app, you can easily add the WhatsApp icon in your store and send automated cart recovery notifications to your customers.

WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart

With various WhatsApp message templates, you can personalize your abandoned cart recovery emails at ease. As WhatsApp has become a part of every users’ chores, engaging with them through WhatsApp boosts your conversion rate too.

Why WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart?

  • Enticing and sleek live chat button
  • Attractive Templates
  • Easy Personalization
  • Sends transactional emails, order confirmation emails, and delivery status emails
  • Real-time abandoned cart tracking
  • Flexible WhatsApp Drip Campaign
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Discounts and Coupon Codes


WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart is available for free. Paid plan starts from $9/month


Retainful, an automated Abandoned Cart Recovery App, is the first on the list for your Shopify store. What if all your abandoned cart recovery actions will be taken care of by a well-trained bot? Yes, Retainful is your mate here!


Being a Shopify marketing automation app, it has become the most flexible and user-friendly cart recovery app for many users. It can assist you in automating all of your marketing activities and increasing sales without putting in a lot of manual effort.

Why Retainful?

  • Sending Automated cart recovery series
  • Includes Pre-built email templates
  • Thank you email series
  • Shortcodes for personalization
  • Drag & Drop email editor
  • Contains Workflow builder
  • Triggers, customer rules, and path splits
  • Automated order follow up emails
  • Automated Win back series
  • Dynamic coupons
  • A/B test for emails
  • Real-time analytics


  • Free version available
  • Starter- $19/month
  • Growth – $49/month
  • Professional – $199/month


PushOwl is a straightforward Shopify push notification application. It can aid with the automation of Shopify abandoned cart recovery messages, “back in stock” alerts, and product review alerts.


The cart abandonment app is simple to use and does not require any personal information from clients in order to send them messages.

Why PushOwl?

  • Click rate and customer interaction analysis
  • Abandoned cart notifications
  • Automated Image Generation
  • Custom Time Intervals for emails
  • Product availability notifications
  • Cross-platform support


Free Shopify app. Premium features start from $19/month

Recart FB Messenger Marketing by Ghostmonitor inc

Recart Messenger Marketing is one of the best Facebook Messenger marketing and abandoned cart apps, created by Recart. You can send Automated Messenger campaigns, using Recart Messenger Marketing.


Furthermore, this app helps to engage your subscribers with high open rates by informing them of your latest news and increasing customer interaction; as a result, your conversion rates will be boosted, and you’ll be able to follow up with them on Messenger and answer their queries.

Why Recart?

  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Allows users to send pre-written, automated messages to all cart abandoners
  • Order receipts
  • Fulfillment notifications
  • Welcome messages
  • Purchase follow-ups
  • Easy Integration with Wheelio, Optimonk, Privy, Justuno, Facebook Messenger, Personizely


Pricing starts from $29/month with 28-day free trial.

Consistent Cart by Cart kit

Consistent Cart by Cart Kit is a comprehensive abandoned cart recovery system that saves abandoned carts through different communication channels. It helps your store make more income by reminding customers about their carts via Facebook Messenger, email, and push alerts.

Cart kit

Consistent Cart by Cart Kit is a comprehensive abandoned cart recovery system that saves abandoned carts through different communication channels. It helps your store make more income by reminding customers about their carts via Facebook Messenger, email, and push alerts.

Why Consistent Cart?

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery & Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Increase revenues by 300 percent
  • Increase the number of conversions and lower unexpected marketing costs by bringing in more orders each month.
  • It can hold up to ten different apps.
  • To avoid clients becoming irritated by notification emails, double-check orders.


Free app

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned Cart Recovery tool was created to assist you in recovering abandoned orders. These orders can be collected by automatically sending repeated emails to your customers with appropriate templates. These emails incorporate your store’s logo, product photographs, and discounts to entice these consumers to finish their orders.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

This app lets you use and personalize intent Pop-ups in addition to sending emails. You can, for example, schedule when a pop-up will appear for customers or include store branding and discounts to remind them of their shopping carts and encourage them to make an on-the-spot purchase.

Why Collect?

  • Emails, Facebook Messenger Reminders, and Pop-Ups for Abandoned Carts!
  • Increasing revenue and sales
  • The entire procedure is automated.
  • Using practical templates
  • Customization is simple.
  • Function for logging notes


Collect is available from $19 per month after 14 days free trial

Final Takeaway

Now, you have the list of valuable abandoned cart recovery apps in your hand for your Shopify store. What are you waiting for? Pick the right tool and AB test the results before you indulge in serious conversion. Happy Conversion!

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