One-click Post
Purchase Upsell

Double your sales and revenue by upselling products in your Thank you page after the customer purchases.

Upsell & Cross-sell

Recommend better or complementary products to your customers after they complete a purchase, display these products in your post-purchase thank you page.

Visual elements

Include enticing visual videos and text in your thank you page to persuade your customers to accept your upsell & cross-sell offers.


Keep an eye on the conversion rates of your pages where you upsell, cross-sell & display popups. Track the performances in real-time.


Customize your thank page with eye-catching & easy to use widgets that can help you convert your sales better.


ShopJar is a robust tool which was designed to add post-purchase upsell & cross-sell to the cart in one click.


You can customize your post purchase thank you page using various customization options to entice the customers to purchase.

Boost conversions with more Post-purchase upsell

If you want to drive repeated sales in your Shopify store then we have the right features for you.

WhatsApp chart + Abandoned Cart

Display a WhatsApp chat button in your storefront to let your customers engage with you through live chat. Send cart recovery messages & other transaction messages to recover your carts and boost customer retention

Spring Subscriptions

Easily create, manage and sell subscriptions by seamlessly integrating with Shopify checkout. Allow your customers to control and customize their own subscriptions to boost customer loyalty.

Get your Shopify store powered by ShopJar

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