Enhance your Shopify store with automated WhatsApp messages

Interact with your customers effortlessly using automated WhatsApp messages and boost customer engagement.
Abandoned Cart recovery

Automatically send abandoned cart recovery messages to your customers through WhatsApp. Add discounts in these messages to trigger customers.

Order confirmation

Automatically send post-purchase order confirmation messages to your customers via WhatsApp. Drive repeat purchases by sending smart coupons through these messages.

Order delivery notifications

Send delivery updates like tracking URL, tracking number, etc to your customers automatically through WhatsApp after the product has shipped.


Currently Checkouful comes in English language. But soon you can access it in Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian Bahasa, Arabic languages.

Discounts & Coupons

Add discounts in your cart recovery messages if needed, this can motivate customers to recover their cart. Alos, you can send next order coupons to make your customer return to your store via order confirmation messages.

WhatsApp drip campaign

Why stop with one message? With our plugin, you can send a series of cart recovery messages until the customers recover their cart.

Catalyze your Shopify store with WhatsApp

Initiate personalized interactions with customers or send cart recovery & post-purchase messages via WhatsApp using our solutions.