Recover abandoned carts using WhatsApp

Send cart recovery messages using our WhatsApp tool to recover abandoned carts and convert them into sales.

Pre-built templates

Make use of our pre-built WhatsApp approved cart recover message templates to recover your carts. Customize and personalize these templates to your extent to boost their conversion rates.

Dynamic Variables

Add customer name, URL, store name, etc using dynamic variables to personalize your messages and improve conversions.

Track abandoned carts

Automatically track abandoned carts and send personalized cart recovery messages to the phone number via WhatsApp.

Include discounts

Effortlessly add dynamic coupon codes with discounts in your cart recovery messages and send them via WhatsApp to encourage the customer to recover their carts.

Drip campaign sequnece

Send a series of cart recovery messages instead of just one to remind customers to recover their carts. A maximum of three automated cart recovery messages can be included in the sequence.

Real-time analytics

Check the number of abandoned carts, recovered and recoverable carts in real-time along with the recovery percentage. These data can improve your targeting.

Catalyze your Shopify store with WhatsApp

Initiate personalized interactions with customers or send cart recovery & post-purchase messages via
WhatsApp using our solutions.